Established in 2002 Sanyo Koreatex Pvt. Ltd. launched to produce high quality thermal bonded non-woven solid fiber high loft padding healthcare, eco-friendly and re-cyclable mattress for Home-Hostel- Hospital-Hotel-Resort & Defence supply. Since then, it has been successfully feeding the market with superior quality products. Its high quality infrastructure includes best in class, state-of-the-art Korean Plant, imported specially for this product line. Sanyo Koreatex manufactures a wide range of world class non-woven fiber mattress, pillows, cushions,yogamats, mattress toppers and allied fiber products.  

Non-woven padding is used extensively in manufacture of hygienic products. It is made of a mix of solid Imported Polyester Staple Fiber and Low Melt Fiber. Research and development from Korea. Our Thermal bonding process involves the application of heat and pressure on the fiber web to produce Non-Woven high loft padding in desired density using calendar rollers consisting of embossed metal roll to make surface smooth. Non-Woven padding properties include absorbency, liquid repellence, stretch, softness, resilience, strength, flame retardant, cushioning, filtering, bacterial barrier and sterility. Further it is very comfortable and controls body contour.

Contour range of products are designed for good health & comfort They rejuvenate, help relieve body pressure, enhance posture and minimise the risks of developing back problems. Bringing to India for the first time the non-woven fibre mattress range is a testimony of this fact. Non-woven fibre mattress provide complete comfort to every inch of the body, reducing the risk of pressure sores. Each mattress and other products offer you numerous reasons to be With you enjoy more restful and rejuvenating sleep.You get relief from tired back and back pain. Unlike a static design of an ordinary mattress. contour' mattress result in more even weight distribution and proper spinal alignment. The structure is very durable and flexible. It will neither deform nor crack.

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